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Download the Miros Mocean paper presented at HullPic 2021:

"Accurate Speed Through Water Measurements Enable Accurate Vessel Performance Management"

Discover how the powerful Miros Mocean technology targets the large focus on sustainability and reduced emissions within the shipping industry.

The paper discusses how the availability of accurate speed-through-water data combined with a set of other parameters can be used to estimate the actual performance of a vessel. This insight can also be used to identify the effect of various measures to improve vessel efficiency and to optimize how the vessels are operated.

Identifying the true performance of vessels and documenting the effect of new technologies to improve that performance requires accurate data related to vessel propulsion, vessel operation, and the weather surrounding the vessel. 
However, obtaining accurate insight into vessel performance without accurate speed-through-water data is not possible.


Download the Miros Mocean HullPIC 2021 Paper