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"Vessel Technical Performance Analysis using Accurate Weather and Speed Through Water Data"

This paper presents a solution for how the impact of the environment can be separated from the technical performance of a vessel, together with some examples using data from real-life situations.

A wide range of maritime stakeholders including owners, operators, charterers, suppliers, and regulators currently have a large focus on monitoring and reducing fossil fuel consumption and associated emissions.

The fuel consumption and the corresponding technical performance of a vessel depend on a range of factors related to the vessel itself and the surrounding environment.

Environmental factors like ocean waves, currents, and temperature, as well as wind, all have a significant impact on vessel performance. Until recently, the impact of the environment on vessel performance has been hard to quantify accurately, and consequently, vessel performance analyses have been tainted with large uncertainties. With recent improvements in measurement technologies, it is now possible to measure environmental parameters and vessel performance accurately.

By combining high-frequency, accurate data with detailed models for how the key environmental factors influence a vessel, the actual vessel performance in typically occurring weather conditions can be estimated accurately.

Download the Miros Mocean HullPIC 2022 Paper